Introducing... the Glamour Gal's Guide to Christmas Trees (in 5 easy steps)!

For all you Glamour Gals (and Guys!) looking for a kicky tree that isn't like all the others this time of year, Bombshell-art is here to help!  Here's my guide to building the perfect, retro-glam tree:

1. artificial tree in a bright, glittery color which cannot possibly occur in nature

2. Red lights (LOTS of 'em!)

3. Feather boas instead of tinsel

4. Ornaments made of 52 sexy pinup playing cards (vintage, of course!)

5. Homemade star topper featuring reusable, tasseled pasties (for all those naughty holiday afterparties ;))


Then, just sit back, relax, and enjoy the retro gaudy beauty while sipping a bourbon on ice...

... MMMMMM.... that feels nice...