I've been quiet... But I'm still here... Bombshell-Art update

Hello Friends, 

Anyone who creates for a living or runs their own show knows -- what the audience sees is only a small fraction of what's going on, mostly behind the scenes.

Once my biz plan came to fruition, I realized the direction I need to take with my art.  My "calling", so-to-speak.  It's been exciting and at times scary -- the details are still evolving and sometimes they surprise me.  Other times it's been quiet, and during those times I try to just listen to my own internal Call to Action.  The answers are always there. If we're able to be still and just LISTEN.

I am so lucky.  I have so many beautiful and inspiring women in my life -- including myself.  And I want to celebrate us all, uplift us through the work I do, the art I create and share.

So over the coming months, you'll see some changes.  Bombshell-Art is still very young, growing pains are necessary and welcome, no matter how scary they might feel while they're occurring.

There are plans I had which I might need to delay, alter, or even scrap and forget about all together in order to make room for what Bombshell-Art is truly meant to be.

But I PROMISE -- it will all be worth the wait!  And I'm so excited to soon begin sharing some fantastic, inspiring, sexy, celebratory art with you all!

Much love,

Heather XOXO