My Friends,
As we begin looking towards spring, I hope you all are feeling well and rejuvenated.
I myself continue a reflective, quiet phase of life which started towards the end of 2022 when I relocated to a different area of Vermont.  In addition to the obvious changes brought about by my move, it triggered a series of huge shifts for me -- spiritually and emotionally -- which continue to have a direct and profound influence on my life, my relationships, my work and my art.
So, what does this mean for Bombshell-Art?  Well, I'm not quite sure... yet.  But I know it will lead to more art to share with you all.  It might also mean I need to scrap some old ideas and plans in order to make way for new ones more in line with who I am and what I want Bombshell-Art to be as a reflection and extension of myself.
Bombshell-Art will always stand by my own personal mission of bringing inclusive art to you and celebrating women+, lifting us UP and reminding us and each other of how amazing we all are.  But as I continue to grow and evolve, the ways in which I do this may change as they adapt to the woman and artist I continue to become.
Thank you all for being here.  While I may not know exactly what the future holds, I can promise you Bombshell-Art will still be here, no matter what, committed to supporting inclusivity, a pro-woman+ agenda, and wonderful art to reflect these commitments, all the while giving back to our community -- local and beyond -- every step of the way.
Love always,
Heather XOXO