Hello my Dear Friends,

I hope this December finds you all well and comfortable, and enjoying this holiday season, no matter what holiday(s) you celebrate.

Guaranteed "by Christmas" shipping ended earlier this week, and I sure was busy, busy, busy getting all of your orders out to you.  I am happy to say that ALL guaranteed-by-Christmas orders have not only shipped, but as of today have also been received by all of you!

THANK YOU SO MUCH to everyone who purchased from my small woman-owned biz this season, whether you purchased via my site or in-person.

Last month I started my Bombshell Bestie newsletter.  Have you heard about it yet?  It's a twice-a-month Love Letter sent to your email by me, with Bombshell-Art updates, information on my community and other women-owned businesses, as well as special discounts, sneak-peeks, and promos for those who've signed up.  If you haven't yet, I welcome you to sign up to my Bombshell Bestie Love Letter and join me and my friends there!  

I now plan to wind down a bit for the next couple weeks, to enjoy the end of 2022 with my family and friends.  But I promise I'll be back soon with news, updates, new art and so many other offerings for 2023.

My Friends, I hope you all have a wonderful, safe, warm, healthful, and happy end-of-the-year, spending time with those you love and doing things that make you HAPPY in your HEART.

With Love and Gratitude always,

Heather XOXO