Meet the Artist and Founder... Heather Wilson



Heather is a self-taught Vermont artist and founder of Bombshell-Art, LLC a biz featuring her own original artwork, high-quality prints, cards, stickers, and apparel in celebration of beauty inclusivity and women+.

Heather’s work celebrates femininity and is inspired by all who identify as women.  Heather states, “I adore identifying as a woman, and I truly embrace my own feminine strength.”  Before creating visual art, Heather worked for several years in the Boston and greater New England areas as an actor and costume designer.  It was there that Heather developed a love for new and vintage clothing, lingerie, stockings, and other accoutrements worn by women throughout the years.  Collecting these items soon went beyond theatre and made their way to Heather’s own boudoir, where she continues to house many vintage clothing and jewelry items.

Initially, Heather’s drawings and paintings featured the gorgeous Vermont landscape.  As years went by, she found herself focusing more on people, especially women+ as they progressed through their everyday lives.  Through her theatre work, Heather learned of burlesque and pinup art, soon creating her own, much of which featured here at Bombshell-art.  Over the last couple of years, following many life changes, Heather has expanded into realist feminist art and now continues to evolve into something a little more abstract, while still maintaining her celebration of femininity.

In addition to a background in theatre, Heather has also worked as an artist’s model, a chocolate maker, and a teacher.  These days, in addition to working as an artist, Heather enjoys giving back to the community through her work as a Registered Nurse.  She also gives back through Bombshell-Art, where she hosts fundraisers throughout the year and donates at least 10% of all yearly profits to local and national charities.

Heather’s true artistic love is in celebrating all people who identify as women and capturing them in artful scenes which lovingly and honestly show women+ going through their daily lives. And no matter what they’re doing, OWNING IT the way only a woman+ can own it.

Heather THANKS YOU for celebrating with her when you view and support her work.