Meet Heather... A Woman IN LOVE with Pinups!



Hello Friends,

Thanks so much for visiting Bombshell-Art, LLC.  I founded this little biz in winter of 2020, and it is my baby, truly a labor of love and evolving every moment of every day -- just like me.

I have been doodling my own pinups since college.  When bored to tears in my philosophy class, I found drawing fishnet stockings to be much more exciting than Socrates.  I would always doodle in my notebooks during lectures, and while I only got a C+ in philosophy class, by semester's end I found I had created an entire notebook full of fun, sexy, FIERCE pinups.

These and other pinup drawings of mine were hidden away for several years while I focused on performance art, eventually earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Theatre.  Later, as a professional actor and costume designer in Boston, New York, and other east coast venues, I learned more about pinup models in American pop culture history; their unique stories and ways in which many use the medium of the "pinup model" as a tool to demonstrate their strength, intelligence, and fearlessness.  Inspired by these, and in combination with my own theatrical and modeling experiences, I eventually returned to my old doodles and began revamping many of them.  From there, my work just flourished.

I adore identifying as a woman, and I truly embrace my own feminine strength.  My boudoir features lots of inspiration for my work in the form of my own lingerie, sequins, stockings, and lipstick; as well as many pieces of vintage clothing, some acquired recently and others left over from my theatre days.  And of course, my own original pinups feature on my boudoir walls.

I love celebrating people who identify as women, just like me, and capturing us all in artful pinup scenes which lovingly and honestly show us going through our daily routines, the tasks we often take for granted but which create our own mystery: Applying makeup.  Doing up our hair. Putting on our fishnet stockings and getting the seams just so.  Meeting at the wine bar for "girl talk". And no matter what we're doing, OWNING IT the way only a woman+ can own it.

Today's modern fast-paced world leaves little time for indulging in such rituals. I choose to honor them with my pinups.

In addition to being an artist, I am also a Registered Nurse who loves to give back. To that end, through Bombshell-Art I host fundraisers throughout the year and donate at least 10% of all profits to local and national charities.  THANK YOU for helping me support these causes, which are near and dear to my heart, when you support me and my work.

With Love, Lipstick, and Gratitude,

Heather XOXO