Meet the Artist and Founder... Heather Wilson



I LOVE being a woman.
I am lucky -- I've known and continue to meet so many incredible women throughout my life.  They inspire me.  They love me.  Sometimes, they challenge me.
I have no sisters.  I did not grow up with close feminine ties, though I was influenced by a multitude of complex, inspirational, perfectly imperfect, talented women who would continue to make an impression on my life, my decisions...
And My Art.
Perhaps it was because I grew up an only child in a neighborhood full of boys.  But as I matured, my connections to the women in my life took on an intensity which continues to this day.  I am thankful, I was influenced from a very young age by women who were Strong. Intellectual. Beautiful, inside and out. Independent. Nurturing.
Sometimes I was not able to feel their power first-hand.  I witnessed and felt it from a distance, due to circumstances beyond our control.  But their Light and Love still shine on and through me.
I choose to pay tribute to them and to all Women+ with my art.
Thank you all for the ways you've enriched my life.