Bombshell Update!

My Dear Friends,

My apologies for keeping away from the Blog for so long… I've been busy busy with Lysistrata and had no time to spare!

Being a part of this cast was a dream come true.  In the show, I portrayed the strong, sexy, smart “Lampito”, the first woman to come to the aid of main character Lysistrata, who comes up with a plan to end the war between the Greeks using the only weapon available to women at the time – their sexuality.

Vermont Actor’s Rep is brave for having produced this show, which at it’s heart focuses on inequalities between the sexes which, unfortunately, still exist today… hundreds of years after this play was written.

I did not anticipate that celebrating the performance would also be a bit of a reunion for me! The performances brought friends, family and loved ones from near and far:

Here’s me and my Besties as we embarked on a little impromptu sleepover after Opening Night.

Here’s me and some of My Girls (including my beautiful Mama!) after our final Saturday performance.  Many thanks to The Mad Rose in Rutland for keeping their kitchen open after hours for us!

The day after, closing day, was also my Dad’s birthday!  We had a celebratory brunch at Sugar & Spice before my final matinee performance:

In this show, I also played “Reconciliation”, the Goddess of Deals.  I was thrilled to indulge in my love of all that sparkles while wearing this costume!:


I had been away from theatre for almost 11 years when we started rehearsals.  Now, I must admit, I’ve been “bitten” by the bug and definitely plan to perform again soon!

All this time rehearsing definitely took me away from my visual art for a little while.  But the upside is that performing inspired my visual art work in so many ways… I plan to have an extremely prolific few months now that the show is over and I CAN’T WAIT to share my new work with you over the coming months!

Until then, be well.

With love,

Heather XOXO