Happy "Anniversary", Red!

Hello Friends,

Today is a special day at Bombshell-Art.  My very first pinup, "Red Hot", went on sale today in my Etsy shop

pinup art shown by artist Heather Wilson

Red was the first pinup I created when I decided to try going back to pinup art.  I didn't have high expectations for her turning out well; I hadn't done figure drawing in years.  Yet, somehow, she magically came out looking Red Hot, hence her background color and name.

Since then, she's been turned into prints, cards, and stickers:

pin-up girl wall art

you can see her here in the shop....

pin-up girl miniature wall art by artist Heather Wilson

and here, as a framed postcard print;

as a card:

sexy retro pinup greeting card by artist Heather Wilson

and also a sticker:

collectible pinup sticker with artist Heather Wilson

The original is an acrylic on canvas painting; I don't think I'll ever be able to part with it.  She's the pinup that started it all!!!!  Before Bombshell Belle, there was Red Hot... It's funny how something done without much thought or expectation of any kind can turn into the beginning of something BIG.

Have a wonderful day, My Friends.