Thank You, Storeybrook Farm

Storeybrook Farm and Bombshell Art

Dear Friends,

This week I spent a couple of beautiful days volunteering at Storeybrook Farm Horse Sanctuary .

Storeybrook is a woman-owned and woman-run horse sanctuary in Waterbury, VT. All of the horses, ponies, miniature horses, and donkeys there were rescued by Storeybrook's owner and founder, Olivia.

Storeybrook Farm and Bombshell Art

Some of them had very hard lives before Olivia found them. But now they're living their BEST life.

Storeybrook Farm and Bombshell Art

I grew up on a horse farm in Connecticut. In fact, I was riding before I was walking! I helped care for and train the horses starting at a young age. There is no better way for a child to learn unconditional love and care for others than when taking care of animals on a farm. It felt so good to be with horses again, even if only for a couple of days.

Storeybrook Farm and Bombshell Art

I tried to take some pictures which capture the beauty of the gorgeous farm Olivia has built for these amazing rescues. I'm no photographer, though I try... These shots don't do the farm justice, but I think they at least convey the calm, loving, compassionate tranquility Olivia has created at Storeybrook.

Storeybrook Farm and Bombshell Art

I definitely plan to visit and volunteer there again!

Thank you, Olivia.

And thank you, Friends, for checking in.