Veteran's Day

Hello, Friends!

Today is a great day for me because my "Patriotic Pinups" went LIVE!

Unlike other prints, where a portion of all proceeds support charity, with my patriotic prints I donate 100% after print costs are paid.

Why? Because I'm thankful and eternally grateful to those who honor and protect my freedom and our country.  My grandfather, whom I never knew, was a marine.

Here he is with my grandmother on their wedding day:

While I never had the chance to hear about his experiences first-hand, through my father and grandmother I heard stories of his bravery, loyalty, and friendships he made while in the line of duty.

All proceeds from my patriotic pinups, every day of the year, support causes like Operation Homefront and Fisher House Foundation . If you are looking to donate to a worthy cause this holiday season, please consider them!