WE GIVE BACK : Over $1,000 donated in 2021!!!!!

Hello, Friends!

Happy New Year, 2022!!! 


One of my favorite things about the new year is reviewing all of the successes Bombshell-art has had in the previous year.  Though we are still very small, thanks to your support, we are MIGHTY!!!

In 2021, Bombshell-art donated over $1,000 to several local and national charities.  They are: The ASPCA, Farm Sanctuary, the Texas Equal Access Fund, the American Cancer Society, and Vermont Foodbank.

There are so many wonderful organizations to support, sometimes it's difficult to choose!  But at Bombshell-art we look to our core values to help us: 

1. promoting body-positivity and inclusivity

2. celebrating beauty of all kinds

3. maintaining a community-minded spirit of giving

I should also add: as an animal-lover, I always include at least one organization dedicated to supporting animals in need.

I am so thankFULL to those of you who have made a purchase from me this year!  My hope is that as Bombshell-art grows, I will be able to donate more and more to charities in support of my local and global communities.  

Happy New Year, My Friends!  Thank you so, so much for all of your support.